MGB-08 Investigate Collapse Riprap Segment of Tigbao River, Tacloban City

image-01MGB-8 investigation disclosed that previous earthquakes, intense flooding and continuous rains have largely contributed to the eventual collapse of the riprap segment of Tigbao River along SOS Children’s Village in Brgy. Tigbao, Tacloban City.

The report further disclosed that the said riprap segment collapsed at around ten o’clock in the morning of November 11,due to continuous rains and strong river current at that time. Prior to the incident residents have already notice the presence of tension cracks along the river bank right after a strong earthquake hit Eastern Visayas on August 31.

In addition, the Tigbao River was also noted to have overflowed last October 25 with the approximate 1 meter floodwaters brought about by “Typhoon Ofel”.

Ricardo H. Obtinalla, Jr. – Supervising Geologist of MGB-8, advised evacuation of the residents of nearby houses during inclement weather conditions or continuous raining meantime that the riprap is not yet repaired. It was also then recommended that use of sandbags and other engineering measures be taken to serve as temporary river protection on the damaged/collapsed segment of the riprap.

Repair/rehabilitation of the collapsed riprap segment as well as the other identified unstable segment inorder to stabilize the river bank, prevent damages to the houses located near the unstable area and avert damage to the unaffected segment of the riprap is deemed necessary according to Mr. Obtinalla.